image promoting Wendy Wasserstein play, Third
image promoting Wendy Wasserstein play, Third

Third, a play by Wendy Wasserstein

Ever been falsely accused by someone in authority? Wendy Wasserman’s last play depicts just such a predicament for Woodson Bull, III.

Somewhere along the line Woodson picked up the moniker “Third,” and it stuck. He’s bright, handsome and a jock on an athletic scholarship as an entering freshman in a small New England college, where he seeks to impress his English Lit professor Laurie Jameson. Trouble begins when Professor Jameson refuses to believe the young man’s essay on Shakespeare’s King Lear is his original work and reports him to the college’s Committee on Academic Standards. But is Jameson’s accusation justified? Or is her accusation of Third a product of her own struggles with her relationships, her age, and the increasingly politicized environment on campus.

"Funny and occasionally biting, the playwright poignantly marks the passage of time, not only for her (Wasserstein’s) conflicted heroine but the several of the lovingly drawn characters on stage." —Associated Press

Performances Friday and Saturday, 7:30 pm June 10, 11, 17 and 18; Sunday at 2:00pm June 12 and 19. Tickets can be purchased online or call 336-747-1414


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Our outreach program extends to organizations provide services and moral support to the aging. Acting, as a performance art form, requires engaging with others and practicing and honing listening skills, memory reliability, and introspection. A creative lifestyle in the afternoon years has a demonstrative positive effect in overcoming depression, isolation, addiction, and a host of conditions often associated with growing older.

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