Dramatic Readers Acting Classes open February 1 at Lewisville Community Center

Dramatic Readers Acting Classes for Seniors (Age 55 and over) opens at 3:00 pm on February 1 at the Mary Alice Warren Community Center in Lewisville – 440 Lewisville-Clemmonsville Road. The course consists of six two-hour classes which will meet on successive Tuesdays at 3:00 pm at the same location. Attend the first free session for an overview of the course and participate in some of the basic skill-building exercises. Memorization is not required at any time.

Registration for the remaining five classes will take place at the end of the first session. A tuition of $20 will be charged to enroll in the remaining five class session.. (Hardship assistance is available). The classes are open to beginning as well as experienced students.

Classes will be conducted by John J. Hohn, an amateur actor who has appeared frequently in major roles over the last 40 years with Little Theater, Theater Alliance, 40+ Stage Company, as well as in television commercials. Hohn is an experienced classroom teacher with years of seminar moderating experience. He is a frequent reader of his award winning poetry at Open Mic sessions held in the area. Guest moderators may also conduct class sessions as subject matter experts.

Students participating will be invited to interpret monologues taken from published plays and movies and present them to their classmates. Depending on the progress of the class, the final two sessions will be devoted to rehearsing a short play with players performing script in hand. The class will vote upon inviting family and friends to attend a final performance.

The course is designed to give participants greater confidence in public speaking and appearing on stage. Emphasis will be placed on proper breathing, use of the voice, and congruency in physical movement. Students will be encouraged to use personal memories in developing character roles and exploring alternative ways of reinforcing the spoken word with emotion.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.