Mason’s Levitation Postponed

40 Plus Stage would like you to note that we are replacing the previously announced final show of our 2022-23 season, Levitation by Timothy Mason, with the new play, Star Stuff by local playwright Mark Pirolo and New York actor Jackson Matteck.

In our ongoing efforts to produce the highest quality theatrical experiences for our audiences, questions arose concerning the viability of producing a sufficiently outstanding production of Levitation. Although it is undeniably an exceptional play, we realized that it presented several potential casting difficulties due to the large number of characters and their age range. It therefore seemed advisable to replace that title with the original work Star Stuff, which had been slated to be produced in the 2023-24 season.

The two plays deal with similar intergenerational relationships as well as other related themes, but with Star Stuff featuring a significantly smaller cast of required actors, several of whom had already been cast, the decision seemed most appropriat. We are confident you will be engaged and entertained by Star Stuff and look forward to the possibility of bringing to you the considerable, if relatively unknown, charms of Levitation in some future season.