acting lessons for seniors

An Opportunity to Act: Our Outreach to Seniors

40+ Stage Company adopted as its original motto, “Celebrating and enriching the lives of aging adults.” Our commitment to this goal is embodied in our community outreach. Employing experienced, credentialed teachers, we are eager to consider requests from residential retirement communities, social service agencies, church and civic groups, and other organizations to prepare and promote acting classes for their membership. Contact us to learn how we can a develop a program for your organization.

Why Engagement Is Important

For seniors and older adults there are significant benefits to theatre activities. Acting helps to increase mental acuity, enhance the elderly persons relationships with those around them, and helps to boost self-esteem,

According to Bruce Miller, MD, a behavioral neurologist at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, while brains inevitably age, creative abilities do not necessarily deteriorate. Actually, the aging brain responds well to art by allowing the brain’s two hemispheres to work more in tandem. This ability to use one’s creativity throughout a lifetime and the impact of crystallized intelligence gained from the years of accumulated knowledge and life experiences, help to cultivate the aging, creative brain.

Barbara Bagan, PhD, ATR-BC
Today's Geriatric Magazine


Thank you so much to 40+ Stage Company for bringing us comic relief and assisting us in instilling authentic Successful Aging in our residents where nothing is impossible...physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and artistically.

We had 6 actors and actresses that fulfilled a lifelong dream to act. We had a blast together, especially because I was designated to be the host and official "noise maker" for the featuring skit entitled, "The Salemtowne Radio Show"

Amy Pagono, Director of Life Enrichment
Salemtowne Retirement Community

I recently was involved in an acting class here at Salemtowne. It was a fantastic experience...this was a wonderful experience for me!!

Salemtowne student participant