Our Mission & Vision

Vision: Transforming lives through the theater experience.
Mission: Inspire adult audiences to engage and gain insight into the challenges that are part of living in our global culture through the theater experience.

Primary Purposes

  1. To stage productions that focus on real life situations wherein the major characters are confronted in life with a situation that calls for a reexamination of their values and beliefs, and relationships. Plays will be chosen to depict characters in transition in their lives and their success or failure in navigating their way. Preference will be given to plays that focus on generational issues common to families.
  2. To promote educational programs that help adults who have reached the mid-point in their lives to understand, cope, and prevail when challenged with complex contemporary issues of living in the world today and to develop and sustain a positive view of life as they move into the later decades.
  3. Confront prevailing social attitudes and beliefs that threaten equality of gender, racial, and religious convictions.
  4. Promote understanding and tolerance between generations.
  5. Promote understanding of the challenges people face in our culture moving from one decade of the life to the next.
  6. Promote the work of local playwrights

Secondary Purposes

Promote the benefits of the theatrical arts to adults engaged in theater productions as participants and audience members. These benefits include:

  1. Realization of unique and unlived potential
  2. A richer sense of purpose through the sharing of gifts and talents
  3. Mindfulness and present-moment awareness
  4. Relief from loneliness, isolation, and boredom, the true cancers of the human spirit.
  5. Increased awareness of the influences on the formation of contemporary values in our culture.

Organizational Commitment to Production Excellence

Performances and all organizational endeavors (including classes and presentations to community groups) will be of the highest quality and grounded in the conviction that theater transforms lives.