Our Mission & Vision

Vision: Transforming the lives of aging adults through the theater experience.
Mission: Celebrating and enriching the lives of aging adults

Our goal is to help aging adults enjoy the advanced years more fully, as we appreciate that human potential is not diminished with age and the capacity for love, joy, and affiliation grows and extends throughout a lifetime. Self-fulfillment and creativity are not eclipsed by age. The 40+ Stage Company promote programs that help aging adults understand, cope, and prevail when challenged with complex issues associated with aging including loneliness, depression, abuse, addiction, depression and loss of meaning.

Our Primary Purposes

  1. Present annual seasons of quality theatrical performances featuring aging performers.
  2. Stage dramas about real people to deepen appreciation of the contributions and collective wisdom of older members of the community.
  3. Provide opportunities for self-expression in acting classes for aging adults.
  4. Support a community of aging actors and others engaged in producing and enjoying theater
  5. Demonstrate the efficacy of theatrical arts in improving the lives of aging adults
  6. Challenge toxic societal stereotypes regarding aging and aging adults collectively

Secondary Purposes

Document the benefits of the theatrical arts to aging adults engaged in theater productions as participants and audience members. These benefits include:

  1. Greater playfulness and joy
  2. Inspired imagination and creativity
  3. Realization of unique, unlived potential
  4. A richer sense of purpose through the sharing of gifts and talents
  5. Mindfulness and present-moment awareness
  6. Increased self-esteem
  7. Enhanced sensory stimulation
  8. Decreased anxiety and depression
  9. Relief from loneliness, isolation, and boredom, the true cancers of the human spirit
  10. Improved cognitive functions

Organizational Commitment to Production Excellence

Performances (theatrical and cinematic) and all organizational endeavors (including classes and presentations to community groups) will be of the highest quality and grounded in the conviction that theater transforms lives.